February 2008
Food Safety: Teppan Gyoza

Dear Customers;

We would like to inform you that the Botejyu Group places utmost priority on food safety and only purchase ingredients that have been confirmed as being safe. We would like to reassure our customers that we do not have any transactions with the recently reported “Tenyo Foods”.

Currently, our menu has one Gyoza-related product which is the “teppan Gyoza”. As indicated in the link below, the safety of this product has been confirmed by the supplier.

We would like to ensure our customers that we will continue to follow the guidelines set force by the national and local government regarding food safety by maintaining strict quality control and using only those raw ingredients that have been classified as being safe.

We thank you for your understanding of this matter and look forward to your continued patronage of our restaurants.

Statement from our Supplier

Sincerely yours,

Hideto Kurita
President and CEO
Botejyu Group

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